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Posted: 18/5/2018

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Big news! Today, after eight years as Ribbon & Ink Transcribing, we’re releasing an updated brand identity!, which includes a new logo, colors, and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like our brand new website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Imstagram and very soon you’ll see it in all of our transcripts, as well. We believe the new look better matches our direction since 2011: a provider of reliant swift accurate transcripts, with a tight grasp and control on data security that modernizes aspects of transcription business today in Ireland.

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve more or less stuck with the same blue and yellow retro R&I logo, so very recently we’ve decided to completely alter and update our colors.  In the last few years we’ve changed and grown quite a lot: we have strove to improve our promised to you on turn aroun times and data security and the old look started to chafe. The old ethos felt a bit analogue, the logo just didn’t reflect the new direction we have found ourselves heading in.  Needless to say, it was time for a change.

Our design goal was to better match how we look to our values and the users we serve. A small team inside the company worked to find something that appeared modern, swift, approachable, smart, friendly, and connected.

Why we rebranded

Compared with blue, the bold red is modern and energetic, the darker, grey-blue felt a bit collegiate. The new font is deliberately clean, modern, and light.

The “r” within the logo, it’s stylized with forward rushing curves to appear forward thinking,  reaching and energetic.  We hope you like this new look and feel for Scribe.  Look out for more updates—like an updated look in our product and a check out our brand-new website—as we continue to try to better serve our customers in the transcription business with clean, modern, user-friendly technology.

We agreed upon this design after hours of discussion, brainstorming, and collecting feedback from our teammates. This new design was actually the opposite of our previous style, which needed a new, retouched look. The new look has a design that conveys speed, modernity and trustworthiness.

What we believe that what we have finally achieved is a simple, sophisticated, and serious brand name to follow us on our future journey.

All this has been a lot of work and we’re excited to share our news with you. Tell us what you think! Do you like what we’ve done so far?

As you can see from the new website, there’s some more exciting projects heading our way — our founder is starting on a self build venture soon so a new office space might be in the pipeline, Woo hoo! As you can see we have a love of great architecture (and coffee) around here.

We are digital nomads and don’t need a new office space, but we enjoy dreaming of that perfect work space where we can really enjoy our coffee and wifi, expect photos of our office idea’s and a new blog as a follow up!

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